Boy Potions

This is Your Brain on Drugs, Dark Rainbow Tie Dye


This is your brain, this is drugs, this is your brain on drugs.

We love 90’s advertising!!!

Embroidered in DTLA and dyed in Los Angeles County. Each sweatshirt is uniquely dyed and every one is one of a kind. The sweatshirt you receive may not be the one pictured but it is from the same “Dark Rainbow” dyes. 

This sweatshirt is part of our NEW collection. They are brand new sweatshirts. On this color-way we chose to work with the “imperfect” and “close outs” to be a little more sustainable. Because of this, hoodies will not have draw strings. Which works out perfectly for the embroidery! We source these hoodies in person and pick the best. 

 Model wearing XL

Unisex sizing  



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