Boy Potions

THINGS, Trinket Dish (Hand Painted)


For your THINGS. This small trinket cup is hand painted with goldtone paint and lid to match! The hole in the lid led me down a rabbit hole. Why is it there? Surprisingly creepy, in the victorian era they had a "hair receiver" which was often paired with a matching trinket box, powder jar or as part of a dressing table set. The hair receiver was used to store the hair removed from brushes and combs to be used for stuffing in bags and small furnishing cushions.... However I think we might just throw our edibles in there, those are our favorite "things". 

Brand:  Lefton China

According to Nancy's Collectibles the label with a crown encircled with "Lefton China, Hand Painted, Reg.U.S. Pat. Off." means this dish was made between 1949-1955! Wowwwyyy. Please note this item is vintage. The paint is not perfect although it has held up well for its age. 


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